Advanced, Conservative Dental Solutions and Personalized Service for Your Best Smile

At Lincoln Park Dental Studio, we do more than work on teeth, relieve pain, restore function, and beautiful smiles. For Dr. Matthew Flak and our team, dentistry is about you, the person who owns the smile, and finding the answers to your specific needs and expectations!

Communication is Core to All We Do

While we are proud offer advanced procedures and state-of-the-art technologies, what really sets us apart is our attentive, people-centered environment. We take all the time needed to learn about your life and dental situation, to understand what you expect (and what you do not want), and to build trust founded in good communication.

Please know that each of us is an attentive and non-judgmental listener. We want to understand where you are in terms of dental health and where you want to be. Knowing that some people come to us having had negative dental experiences in the past, we will ask you about prior dental care. This helps us identify ways to ease concerns and gain your confidence.

Our goal is helping you achieve the dental health you want, in a manner that works for you. We are humbled by the trust you place in us and promise to always provide the level of care we’d expect for ourselves: professional, skilled, and compassionate. As your partners, we’ll help you develop your best oral health and be here as you maintain that beautiful smile for years to come!

Our Practice

When you choose Lincoln Park Dental Studio for your oral healthcare, you’re choosing to become part of a family. We thrive on the relationships we establish and nurture over the years, sharing in each person’s life and learning about the world through them. You are important to us, as a person, and we value you as an individual.

  • Personalized Care: For many people, dental treatment is a very personal thing. We understand this and believe it is important to develop trust between you, Dr. Flak, and our team. We spend time walking you through the diagnosis and the procedures that can correct your issues. We want you to understand what you need and why you need it, so you make informed decisions about your oral health. This allows us to provide the best treatment experience and outcome, so you need to see us for only preventive care.
  • Conservative Dentistry: We do not overtreat. Instead, we only treat the issues that are absolutely necessary at any given time and track any issues that may become worse in the future. We want to stop small problems, like cavities, from becoming more serious, and focus on saving your natural tooth structure.
  • Patient Education: Good oral health and great smiles start at home. While we provide in-house preventive care, like cleanings, it’s what you do between checkups that makes a difference in your long-term dental health. By focusing on your specific needs, we offer useful and practical education to help you take control of your oral health. Developing good home dental hygiene habits and making healthy choices will help you enjoy a lifetime of healthy smiles – and a healthy body too.

Learn More

We welcome the opportunity to meet and talk with you. No sales pitch, pressure, or obligation, we promise! Simply an honest conversation, answers to your questions, and personal plan to get you to the healthy smile in the way you desire. Please contact our Chicago, IL dental office and schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Flak and the Lincoln Park Dental Studio team, today!