On Being a Dentist

Matthew Flak, DDS

It is a great honor to be entrusted with a person’s oral health and their smile. People have many choices when it comes to dental providers in the Chicago area and it makes me feel good to know that people trust us and believe we provide quality service. Equally as rewarding, for my team and me, are the wonderful relationships we have developed with those we serve. Many of our patients feel like part of our family, as we share in their lives through the years.

As my team and I teach people about oral wellness, they also teach us: about life and family and how to feel fulfilled in our lives. I believe everyone on this planet has something to offer that I can learn from, so I try to absorb as much as I can from the people I have the honor to treat.

Education and In Practice

Growing up I was drawn to the medical field as a way of helping people. At the same time, I possessed a strong aptitude for working with my hands and a desire to have a career where I was always learning new things and growing. Those facts, plus my desire to meet all sorts of interesting people, speak with, and learn from them, made dentistry appealing.

I attended Miami University, in Ohio, where I received an undergraduate degree in Microbiology in 1997. Dental school was at Ohio State University, where I obtained my Doctorate of Dental Surgery (DDS) in 2001.

I’ve now practiced dentistry for over 20 years and have loved every day in the office, as well as each conversation I’ve had the pleasure to share.

In practice, I love doing the everyday routine dentistry that most people need. It is especially fulfilling to help people who are extremely nervous about seeing the dentist, and those who feel overwhelmed because it’s been so long since they have sought treatment. I promise that I, and my team, are non-judgmental. We meet our patients where they are and take the time needed to build trust so the individual can move forward to claiming their best oral health.

Continuing Education and Advanced Technological Options

Dentistry, like all areas of healthcare, is a constantly advancing field. Research leads to new techniques and materials, along with innovative technological changes.

Throughout my career I have sought out opportunities to learn about the latest developments, options, and trends in oral healthcare. In addition to participating in a local study club, I have completed same-day CEREC® training in Scottsdale, AZ, and regularly attend meetings, seminars, and lectures. I am excited to start specialized implant placement training, next!

My team shares my passion for continuing professional education. We strive to keep current on technological trends and get training on how to utilize that technology for our patients, along with studying new procedures. Through this advanced study and evaluation, we are able to incorporate the best new options – those that improve treatment, comfort, convenience, and outcome – into the practice.

Beyond the Practice

Originally from North Canton, Ohio, my family and I have lived in Orland Park for eight years. Sarah, my wife, is a Nurse Practitioner. We have two young sons, Cayden and Miles, as well as a King Charles Cavalier named Graham and a cat named Chloe. Yes, our household is busy!

I love spending time with Sarah and our sons. Being a father is the most fulfilling thing in my life and I am loving watching my sons grow and change. Like anyone with a young family, my free time is pretty limited. When I do get some time for myself, I enjoy woodworking, cycling, and occasional date nights with my wife (those are not frequent enough!).

family photo